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Skyrim: Female Face Mod Roundup

"Because when I look good, I feel good!"

As I mentioned before in the Better Males article, oddly enough the male mods are a lot more organised than the female mods. Whereas Better Males gives you a nice all-in-one package with multiple options, female mods are a bit more scattered. So I decided to get some of the ones that stood out to me and compare them with each other, providing you guys with a handy little guide on female face textures. Click “read more” for a nice comparison chart.

Click the image for the full sized version.

Beauty Faces: A nice little mod that simply adds a bit more detail, as well as bit of colour to the lips. Not a drastic change, but still an improvement from the Vanilla.

Bella’s Better Females: A rather drastic change, typically described as the “Glamazon” look. Gives the skin a much smoother and cleaner appearance with darker, fuller lips, and some improved eyebrows.

Coverwomen: A play on the Covergirl brand of makeup, this provides your women with a clean, almost photoshopped appearance, and a splash of colour. It should be noted that style 2 is meant to have a sort of “glitter makeup” effect to it, though it’s not something you’ll notice unless you get right up close to the face (which you almost never will during normal gameplay). Out of the four styles shown, the fourth one seems the most natural.

Detailed Faces: This is the closest you will get to an upscaled vanilla. It looks the exact same as the vanilla textures, but is of course larger. This should be good for those who really don’t want to break the lore. It includes male textures too, but i’ll discuss those another time in a Male Face Mod Roundup.

Envision Face: A Japanese texture mod which smooths the skin and adds a bit of colour, while also making the face rounder and the lips more pouty. Judging from the screenshots on the download page, this would work better with more asian styled characters.

My Type Face: Another Japanese mod, this time a lot more drastic. Not only does this have a similarly pouty looks to it, it also completely smooths out the face, giving it a much more rounded look. Again, would work better when used on an asian/anime styled character.

As you might have noticed from some of my previous images of Lydia, I personally use Bella’s Better Females. I think out of all of the options, this one has the nicest eyebrows and lips. I’m also a sucker for the “smoky eyes” effect.

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  1. StormySonata
    March 8, 2012 at 3:33 am

    I am using the Bella’s Better Females mod and I have to say that it is the most aesthetic mod for female, whether player avatar or NPCs. The mod author has an optional file, the No Make-up version, where the female remain more “true” to the lore version. The face looks less shiny, minimal make-up, no lipstick, skin looks cleaner and less wrinkles but not entirely gone. I would suggest using this file if you don’t like the whole “Glamazon” thing.

    *ranting*The gaming industry is more progressive now a day and with more options open, like same-sex marriage and more male customization, I tend to play a lot more male avatars now than I used to (I’ve always played female avatars then), and I love it. I love ogling my half-naked hunky Nord every now and then. =P However I don’t mind the female in the game looking a bit decent, less haggard, less tired.

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