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Skyrim: Male Face Mod Roundup

"I've been living with Nomura Syndrome my entire life."

Well this is long overdue. Let’s see what mods we have that spruce up your male characters. Huge comparison chart below the jump.

Click the image for the full sized version.

Genox: Cleans and brightens up the skin a bit while still retaining skin detail. It keeps the eye area slightly darker than the rest of the face, which helps to bring the eyes out. The eyes seem slightly more effeminate than the vanilla textures due to the way they are shaded; there is more emphasis on the innermost corners of the eyes, which in turn makes them appear more slanted. Also comes with a “No Beard” version that removes the stubble.

Younger Faces: Cleans and brightens up the skin while also smoothing out a lot of the detail, providing a look that’s close to a photoshopped magazine model. The lips are repainted to look more pouty and effeminate. It also takes it’s name quite literally, erasing out a lot of the wrinkles and rounding out the face to make everyone appear younger. In my opinion it looks too unnatural, especially around the eyes; the lack of shading/detail around the eyes makes it look as though he’s had a facelift. This might be good for those who prefer their elves to be more like the ones from Lord of the Rings (effeminate and picture perfect), but I wouldn’t recommend it for humans.

Younger Faces + Genox: A combination of the above two mods. The difference between Younger Faces and Younger Faces + Genox is quite subtle. It adds a bit more definition around the eyes and makes the lips less pouty. Between Younger Faces and this one, I recommend using this one. It takes some of the best parts of the Genox texture and uses them to fix some of the issues Younger Faces suffers from. As it’s based off the Genox skin, this too comes with a “No Beard” version.

Detailed Faces: Upscaled vanilla textures with extra detail added to them. Extremely lore friendly.

Handsome Male Elves and Humans: I didn’t realise until after I made this comparison chart that this is exactly the same as Younger Faces. I assume this was the original mod Chris57 repackaged (and renamed) for his Better Males mod. It should be noted however that this version has a slightly stronger specular map than the version included with Better Males.

Me personally, I use the Genox texture (stubble version). As I said before in my Better Males review, I prefer Genox due to it adding some nice skintone variation without sacrificing a lot of the detail. I believe Younger Faces/Handsome Males is a bit too extreme in it’s pursuit for perfect complexion, not to mention that I personally prefer my men to be at least a bit on the rugged side.

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  1. StormySonata
    March 7, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    I agree with you, NTNGear, on Genox mod for male, and same like you I have used all three versions, Younger Faces, Younger Faces + Genox and Genox.

    Genox (Default or Stubble version) is the best for those who like to add some aesthetic quality to their male avatars while still retaining realistic, and masculinity look without sacrificing lore value. Both the other two are extremely aesthetic, almost plastic surgery like, that doesn’t mean I hate them though. I like them too but if you are a fan of JRPG style then those mods are perfect for you.

    A little warning for those who want to use Genox (Smooth/Non-stubble version), you will notice that the face especially the nose got a lot of squares, almost blocky.

    • March 8, 2012 at 7:25 am

      I haven’t noticed an issue with blocky noses, but that may be because I have the official HD Texture Pack installed (which includes uncompressed versions of the facial normal maps). If you don’t want to install the HD Texture Pack, you may want to get “No More Blocky Faces” instead.

      I should probably update the main article to include that. :)

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